Traces of Authenticity

A workshop with John Dotson

January 19, 2002  10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

Monterey Peninsula Friends of C. G. Jung Monterey

To trace is "to make one's way," even "to drag." Authenticity derives from "author" and "to increase."

In this workshop, John will first map the five structures of consciousness—the archaic, the magical, the mythic, the mental, and the integral—as described by Carl Jung's friend and associate Jean Gebser. These five "thinking" structures offer openings to understanding the unconscious factors of psyche that shape how we can make our individuating ways with integrative "authority."

Second, John will guide the group as each individual creates her or his own personal (and private) life-text map--based on the five structures of consciousness.

Third, each person will be guided in the creation of her or his own personal body poem. This very personal and private exercise (developed by John in collaboration with analyst Lee Roloff of the C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago) is deeply effective in offering access to symbols of transformation. (Please dress comfortably and bring a selection of your favorite colored marking pens.)

By the end of the day, each participant should have a working knowledge of the five-structure integral consciousness model. By directly and imaginatively applying it, each participant should also increase his or her awareness through the traces of authenticity that the two exercises powerfully afford.