Philosophies of Life

Philosophies of Life: Historical and Personal

806 Philosophy ()

How do we live and grow and die? What is the meaning of our existence? What is the future of human nature? Through lectures, discussions, presentations and diverse inter-activities, this class provides an overview of the history and the future of philosophical and religious thinking to enhance students' personal philosophies of life.

Topics will include:
— The integral consciousness model of Jean Gebser and Sri Aurobindo
— Religious consciousness, past, present, and future
— The history of philosophical ideas

The course will then provide specific access to postmodern thought. Areas studied include:
— Phenomenology and process philosophy
— Integral psychology
— Cybernetics, chaos theory, quantum physics, and the new sciences

The instructor will plan individual research with each student with the objective of attaining fresh outlooks for developing his or her reasoning and for appreciating that of others, in personal and professional contexts and in the world-at-large.

Fee: $195. Enrollment limited.

10 meetings: Tuesdays, 7--10 pm, January 22—March 26, 2002. UCSC Extension, 10420 Bubb Rd.

EDP 002W32 (use this EDP code to enroll)