Sentient Matter

Discussion and studio visit with John Dotson

Monterey Peninsula Friends of C.G. Jung
November 5–6, 2004

 [W]e are standing at a border between a mechanical view of the world and a new view in which matter possesses sentient powers, not totally unlike human beings.
 —Arnold Mindell "The Theory of Theories" in Quantum Mind

In the nature of things there are no ultimate exclusions, expressive in logical terms…. Process is the immanence of the infinite in the finite; whereby all bounds are burst, and all inconsistencies dissolved.
—Alfred North Whitehead "Creative Impulse" in Modes of Thought

Friday evening, we will search through experiences and/or possible experiences of matter as "sentient"—that is, matter at all scales of magnitude participating in consciousness with all life-forms. We will discuss how such experiences might change attitudes and perspectives about nature alive

Saturday afternoon, participants will visit one G studio in Carmel for an exhibition of twenty-four sculpture settings in-process, spanning more than three decades. The collection is entitled CARNIVAL DE LUNE and includes three images of the Black Madonna as Aurora Consurgens, or Dawn Arising.