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††††† High tide


i really can't process this
hardly suppress my fears

hardly endure the scrutiny
of broad daylight anymore

of course it is not possible to see
everything every thing

no matter how many
ways i come nearer

one hour at a time
year by year

decade by decade

* * *

two docents descend the path
look happy and one speaks

Itís a glorious day to be here

nodding right back to him i say
Yes it is


my inner voice reckoning

we are competing for every breath
these days on Earth you know

isnít that obvious

* * *

they stride along confidently
in this sunset hour

i stumble fast forward

the wildlife of Punta de los Lobos
MariŮos come out in force

as i gather the scents

of yerba buena and woodmint
anise and sage

into my heart

* * *

in one maybe two human lifetimes only
this Granite Point where i climb

may be an island

i do not comprehend how these cliffs will stand
to measure the aeon end to end

heavenly bodies are already falling

into large-grained sand crystals
slipping through my fingers

glistening galaxies they spin

* * *

the dear familiar harbor seals
take it all in

and i must solemnly believe

the sky will be clear blue again
though i will not see it

the high deserts will bloom

even when abysses open
there will be convergences

these particular molecules

of mine will arise as waveforms
among the waves

and fall beneath

the crescent moon
in the west

even then



††††††††††††††† March 2008