First thing to do: save this file as <year_month_poem_name>.doc. filename rules: all lower case, no spaces, not too long, use underscore character to separate words if desired. Ex: 2006_03_returnfromnewyork.doc; 2006_03_return_from_ny.doc; 2006_03_ny_return.doc; 2006_03_return. Etc. Shorter is better. Then:


2 blanks lines (normal/12 pt) at top, before title; title in 24 pt arial; body in 12 pt Bookman; one normal para following title; one normal para after poem & before date. date/other line(s) 10 pt ariel, italics, indented 16 or so spaces. this is HIDDEN text and a hidden paragraph, so it doesn't count towards the two line quota. Layout should be like these:


<Title><paragraph mark><paragraph mark>


body, with each line terminating in <linefeed character>


<last line of poem><paragraph mark><paragraph mark>


<place composed><linefeed character>       <----optional


<date composed><paragraph mark>


(paragraph mark = Enter key; linefeed character = Shift+Enter key)


Sample of poem below. First version is what you type to begin.


Second version is first version cut-and-pasted into a table.


After the poem is pasted into table, you need to (a) find the longest line of the poem, and then (b) adjust the width of the table to be just a tiny bit longer that that longest line. This will center both (a) the title in relation to the poem, and (b) the poem on the page. (To adjust table width, click-and-hold on right margin of table, slide to left/right.)


Save Word doc; we're done with the "text" phase.


Now do whatever you want to do with the BACKGROUND. Plain color, gradient, image, whatever.


When you're happy with it, save again.


Now were going to save it as an HTML page.


1. Go to File...Save As... and click on little arrow next to "Save as type."


2. One of the choices on the list you'll see is "Web page (*.htm; *.html)"; click on that.


3. The file name of the poem ("2008_03_return") should be already inserted in the "file name" box. If so, fine. If not, put the name there. We want the name of the new file to be "2008_03_return.htm"


4. Unlike Word files, an HTML file/page has a TITLE as well as a name, and the title is what people will see in the title bar of the web browser while they're reading the poem. So change the title to the name of the poem.


5. Click "save."


6. Now go find the file you just created ("2008_03_return.html") using regular Windows tools, and then double-click on it. It should be opened by your web browser (and not by Word).


Did this work? Is the poem centered? Does it look like what you want?


If yes, then (a) you've successfully created a web page, and (b) send it to me. If no, repeat process to see where you went wrong, or ask me for better directions.







invisibly you

sing to the world little finch

morning’s strong surprise


                April 2008