My continuing presence on this stage
has abruptly become an open matteró

would I be able to raise
the horrors the assurances
another spectacle

a solitary syllable

+   +   +


+   +   +

Blessed rest then comes
without blame or shame
for my ineptitude

all energies and injuries
flow out of my fingers now
into the crowd and on

through the sea of night

+   +   +

This current silence will be
observed by the chorus
of crickets and bullfrogs

the monologue may resume
after peacock screams


+   +   +

In the dressing mirror
over my shoulder
a tripled brightness

shows a sudden
sure structure
to the hidden eye

spider belays
from the shutter
down to the windowsill

I see neighbor is up
to catch some light
in his glass beads

sister has convincingly
patterned a new alphabet
for coming purposes

dear star-brother works
his grape-wood stack
into liturgical shapes

+   +   +

Stepping through
the archways of the East
She returns

brine scented
draped in April
and wild lilac

with warblers and vireos
woodpeckers thumping
   she speaks

Love at any cost
You are free
     to explore

Make yourself a little something
     for breakfast

+   +   +

My audience has drifted
off to sleep who didn't disappear
with the animal voices

something out of place
this purple costume perhaps
the eggshell mask

the jewel in the Ethiop's ear
her elliptical