First thing to do: save this file as <poem_name>.doc. filename rules: all lower case, no spaces, not too long, use underscore character to separate words if desired. Ex: returnfromnewyork.doc; return_from_ny.doc; ny_return.doc; return_0703.doc; return.doc. Shorter is better. Then:


2 blanks lines (normal/12 pt) at top, before title; title in 24 pt arial; body in 12 pt Bookman; one normal para following title; one normal para after poem & before date. date/other line(s) 10 pt ariel, italics, indented 16 or so spaces. this is HIDDEN text and a hidden paragraph, so it doesn't count towards the two line quota. Layout should be like these:


<Title><paragraph mark><paragraph mark>


body, with each line terminating in <linefeed character>


<last line of poem><paragraph mark><paragraph mark>


<place composed><linefeed character>       <----optional


<date composed><paragraph mark>


(paragraph mark = Enter key; linefeed character = Shift+Enter key)


Sample of poem below. First version is what you type to begin.


Second version is first version cut-and-pasted into a table.






Long stories


there is a particular power 

that comes only with endurance



the resolution that is acceptance



that gathers like a magma dome

rising from the heat at the core



the star at the center of the Earth



the epic poem older than the hills

brighter than tomorrow



morning's dawn

                February 2008