sculpting Dawn arising
at my fingertips swirling

spectral dreams

whirlpools interplaying vortices
erupting volcanos

livingdying i do not control

the waves that flow through
continuously insinuating


river waves light waves
quantum waves

pulsing cataclysmic

far exceeding sound waves
such as these

i wave toward you

a jet streams contrails from SFO
to LAX or Burbank or Orange County



a very lucky man i am i am

a motorcycle motor cycles
up the hill to Highway One

and with all these periodic orders

circulating inside out
unfolding intervals  

at the psychic core

topo-dimensions co-evolving

a dark-eyed junco pops out

for safflower seeds and millet
freshly scattered by me

both our tasks pink in plein air

and what more could i ask
of this January moon than

just so to be


              january 2007