Sunset at Granite Point


three wrens placing themselves
perfectly triangulate communicate

great blue heron larger than any
these eyes have ever seen

floats and fishes on a log
in Whalers Cove

i walk on having been told
puffins have been sighted

waves west of Granite Point
arising tall and filmic show

the sun projecting through themselves
galactic aquamarine

disclosing all that is day
all that is night at once

these waves are younger than
every child who breathes

exceeding all our births
reclaiming all our deaths

greater than all the world's
delusions ever accrue

covering my shoulders with thunder
clapping against granodiorite

tearing my rigid thoughts
away as i climb

with certainty of return
the gulls declare it

the oystercatcher squeals
giddy in flight

over the meadow at Moss Cove
fragrant as summer paradise

a falcon hovers
not yet dives

no puffins sighted


                Summer Solstice 2007