This Day

we are all moving through
breathing in and

breathing it out again
all working through it

whatever one is given
one is given

and no matter what
one gives back

whatever you have done
i have done

we have done wherever
we have found ourselves

and all those we see
all the time and everywhere

in the coming of this day
are traveling companions

even a bird may appear
for a moment to sing

we do better for

for seeing each arrival
as fully as we can

and not to forget
a single trace

this is the journey and
we all are taking it

whatsoever may be required
of you of me of each of all

light gathers heat as we may
reach out and away

for an available nearness
of a hand

for hearts that open
as love comes

again and again
more completely

      Pacheco Pass 2004

      composed by request for one in her final days of life…