neutrinos flung from furthest
out flying galaxies

infiltrate our membranes
in unknown ways

participating perhaps
in our deep cellular life

penetrating perhaps deeper
than our familiar demons

deeper even than the trance
of our infantile anxieties

neutrinos are slipsliding
this and  justlike thataway

through the infinitely complex
layerings of this existence

who knows who knows but
when it comes to what it is

neutrinos may do among
our private lives

no news might as well
be good news

with every accomplished breath
each spark that crosses

the heartbeat gap from the first
mothering feeding we get

we are singeing these walls
our cell walls and all these walls

we do well always and everywhere
to remember and foresee

there may indeed be no next time
for anything whatosever you know

and i for one am very conscious that
i  am not in control here

i know this type of work may be not
so happily done on a given day

or painlessly or elegantly done
and not always so easy to watch

as we juggle our karmic collisions
across celestial balancing beams

step after step you can feel it now
through the soles of your feet

and there are serious issues here
with heavy consequences

depending on the outcomes
and you may feel right now

that you can feel right now
those massless neutrinos

flowing invisibly through
our subtle little experiment

and flooding through your most
sensitive personal agenda

we are here to balance it all somehow
the wounding-anger-aging-dying-grief

but there must be-something to it all
because we feel something to release

let us hold the very symptoms as-such
self-evident stuff that we may dream on

heartbeat to heartbeat and now we pray
through the night our heat to keep

unto the great trance of just
another ordinary thursday

that we may and that we might
awake unframed in stark grace

a cruel fog possibly to dissipate
a yellow break a cold pink perhaps

and let us join now advancing
dancing that most sacred bliss

that there is-something whatsoever
it is that we can know

in our deepest aloneness
and by our  loss

everything that is everywhere
up and down the ladder of life

rising into existence falling away
it is a cosmic vision

with angels descending and
ascending flaming free

fractals maybe you see
fractals in the flames

I can see beach fires raging
down below volcanic cliffs

I can see halos in blazing mists
out blooming extravagantly

billowing over us to the limits
of our abilities to contain this

along with what pain we do not
understand so much perishing

when everything is burning up
all our houses burning down

i may just rush out onto the street
we can take turns

in and out taking turns
up and down in turns

there is no other way
we must keep up the heat

we must grow each day
to glow each day

we must come alive each day
there is no other way

and we shall arrive unto the morrow
pretty much as we have already

met up here today and aren't you
wondering what to do

about the breakfast news
about the morning list

and what  for lunch might be
shall we do lunch got milk

after work and for dinner
after dinner before bed

in bed the bed is a big wide boat
upon a silver river that

swallows down our daily substances
as silently as the ocean breathes

after the traffic dies down
after all the traffic dies

down and out out and away and that
may be a good moment for you

to dream all you can and to dream
all that you are allowed to

i will now lift this ancient conch
to my ear and here I shall stand

dreaming along beside you and
we are wide awake and dreaming

dreaming awakening
just like this one

we are allowed
this we can do

your breathing is oceanic
silent but i do hear you

do you hear footsteps
falling like ashes

out of your hair as we
run down dune

between black lightning bolts
out of the serpent's eyes

a lone gull squeals far and away
the very rocks cry out

in silver veils She enters
a yellow break

and suddenly this lavendar hue
is what's new

this moon this very old moon
is swerving soon into the sun

and all I want is near as you
we can kneel on the kelp

we can drink the whole ocean
out of our hands


      July 1999