Cinemaesthesia--Blogging with the Class of '68;
Gebser Society paper, 2009



Topology of Soul; Background notes, 2007

Without Why; A One-Act Play, 2007

Without Why; Interview in Apraksin Blue, 2008

Heart Gnosis; Gebser Society paper, Oct 2006

Human by Nature; Gebser Society paper, Oct 2006

Contexts of the Sculptures; 
Artist's statement and sculpture descriptions, Oct 2006

Recognizing Constellations of World Life in the Psychic Field; Jung Society paper, Nov 2005

Rivulets of Light; Point Lobos Poems, 2004

It's Always Something; A Play in Three Acts; Oct 2002 [pdf]

Burnt Offerings; Gebser Society paper, Oct 2003

Burnt Offerings, Russian Translation; page 1 2 3 4 5 6

Philosophic Wonders; Background notes, July 2003

Cinemaesthesia; Background notes, Feb 2003

Transfigurations; Background notes, Oct 2001

Ancient Terrors; Gebser Society paper, Oct 2001 [pdf]

Technology & Human Nature; Background notes, Oct 2001

World Religions; Background notes, Oct 2001

Trusting Chaos; Background notes, June 2001

Signal-less Communication; Gebser Society paper, Oct 2000

Body Map; Integrative exercise

Text-Consciousness Map

Spiral Maps; Integrative exercise

Integral Consciousness; Background notes

Transformation Model; Background notes


Entries and Attractors: Prose excerpts, samples, drafts, variori, massa confusa, etc. Prior to 1972  1973 - 1999  2000 onward

Orisons: Poetry distillations, variori, fragments, massa confusa, etc. 1963 - 1979  1980 - 1989  1990 - 1999  2000 to present